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Glass Bay Studio Suggest These Great Bead Related Sites.
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Harlequin Beads
Harlequin Beads - Bead Store
Eugene, Oregon
The Bead Merchant

The Bead Merchant
Grants Pass, Oregon
Blessed Bead - Beading/Jewelry
Creekmore Glass
Creekmore Glass
Nancy Pilgrim
Nancy Pilgrim

Glass Line Magazine - Besides being the oldest hard copy magazine dedicated to hot glass, especially lampwork, Glass Line has a wonderful, very active site with lots of information, Forum, Calendar of classes, Photo-Gallery of glass and links to a gazillion other sites.
Hot Glass Forum Come and join a very talented group a glass artists. Wether you are a glass artist yourself or just drawn to it's beauty this site is for you. There is a little something for everyone.
HotGlass Photo Gallery A free online photo gallery where glass artists can display their art. Create your own photo gallery to display your artwork.

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